Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why blog?

Quite a few of my friends pointed out the mistakes on my blog and I agree to most ..........,Lot of you pointed that the grammer,the punctuation and the spellings were not right......I humbly agree to these and request you all to keep giving feedbacks as I am a little rusted .....To think of it the only writings I have done in last few years are my emails with same mistakes.....the marketing presentations and signing on official documents.......to think of it....not a volume of work that I can boast about........One friend of mine asked why blog??? and to top it all why call it "experiential marketing"?

To answer the first one I dont know, or maybe to say something about things otherwise unsaid...
Why "Experiential Marketing" -----maybe I may add something worthwhile on this some day.... can I effectively blog only time will tell....but I want to blog because

1.I want to Blog
2.I want to read other blogs and comment
3.I want to admit mistkes which otherwise I dont
4.Have a voice
5. but most importantly to make a choice

1 comment:

*Aham* said...

It doesnt matter prateek, had you read my blog and read all the grammattical (one t or double t, fuhhhgettt it.) and spelling errors in that, i wouldnt have got this job. lol.

One needs to blog to speak ones mind. You dont really have to bother about grammar and diction as long as you communicate what you want to clearly. Atleast in my case.. I write an entry and then sit aaram se and as and when i find mistakes, i correct them by editing.

Baaki no issues, its great to have the guts and teh gumtion to speak out through a blog.