Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Creating meaningful experiences not campaigns :What does it take

My article that got published in "All about Outdoors"
Lot has changed and lot will, not only for the Brands' but also for people and organizations working in the Experiential Marketing domain. Globalization and technology advancement is shaping the way we perceive and see things today like never before. Strategies, tactics, and operational processes that just a decade ago reigned supreme, now look a little out of sync, when viewed through today's brand perspective.
As the line between traditional ATL and BTL have started blurring, marketers have started looking for more robust Marketing mix, one which will interact with consumers in unbelievable ways at various touch points, allowing brands to come alive for the TG by creating connections between brand and consumer, in their personal world. These connections should be formed by experiences that are personally unique but relevant to the consumer, it should be memorable for them, it should be interactive, and it should invoke emotion and lead to sales and brand loyalty.
Unlike traditional marketing, experiential marketing tries to tap that special trigger within the consumers’ mind space, one which invokes thoughts about comfort and pleasure, as well as inspiring a sense of practicality. This implies that the marketer needs to have a firm grip on the mindset of the target audience he or she wishes to attract. By understanding what the consumer is likely to think and feel, it is possible to get an idea of how to steer the customer in a direction that will relate with the product,but to do that it is important to engage as many of the senses as possible. Striking displays with powerful visual elements, such as websites, and visual media such as Print Ads, Billboards and mailers should not only be visually appealing, but also conjure up imagination and sensations that are relevant to the individual. When a Marketer or an agency creates customer experiences of this nature, a sense of rapport between the Brand and its consumer is established that helps to make the offerings more desirable with each encounter.
Well guess what, that ads on the Internet, or in print media, and on modern billboards must immediately catch the attention of prospective clients and hold that attention long enough to make an impact.  Success for brand lies in and making the connection quickly and seamlessly, Clients today are looking for agencies which can grow up the value chain from being a vendor to a true marketing partner, one who understands their brand essence and promise and provides ‘Value for money' solutions rather than rack-listed services, Agencies which are capable of rolling out that magic campaign which makes those connection with the prospect and retain that mindshare.
We as a Marketers or Agencies servicing these brands, can pat our back only if we are able to roll out integrated campaigns both online and offline across different mediums. The Campaigns which can establish relevance, grab eyeballs, raise awareness, build relationships at a personal level, create memories, increase loyalty, encourage interactions and stimulate positive WOM, and last but not the least however clichéd it may sound one which has a tangible  return on marketing investment.
 Living politics aside, the “AAP Phenomenon” will be one of the most discussed, debated, diagnosed and dissected case study at all social and corporate do’s of 2014.One which can highlight at great length how budget becomes secondary when you have an “Out of the Box” idea which makes connection with the TG and uses Guerilla Marketing, Door to door connection and Social Media canvassing ….One of the best ROI I must say…..
We do live in exciting times, where things change within a blink of an eye. What keeps all of us who are a part of this exciting discipline called marketing on the go, is our undying passion, that adventurous streak, our affinity for challenges and that gush of adrenalin when it all falls together...Those "moments of truth", knowledge of a work well done and we are ready for the next challenge....aren't we?

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