Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Angel & Mischief

They are just our dogs or are they our babies.
Our other eyes that can see above the clouds;
Our reasons that see above the doubts.
Our other ears that hear above the noise;
Our “Bundles of Joy” who leave us no choice.

When we are wrong, they are delighted to forgive;
They are sad, when every morning I leave.
When we fight, they clowns to make us smile;
They come back to check, even when they walk a mile.
When we are happy, there is joy unbounded;
Unexpected “treats” are greeted dumbfounded.

They have told us more than a thousand times , 
that we are their reason for being
By the way they rests against our laps,
sometime barking against the leaking taps
By the way they thumps their tails at our smallest smile,
ever ready again to run a mile.
Are they our dogs, just ready to greet.
No! they are our babies , two heartbeats near our feet.