Monday, September 15, 2008

Return of the RAJ

Earlier we were a slave nation ,now we are citizens of an independent nation ,or are we? Independence which gives us fundamental rights to live and earn our living anywhere within the boundary of this nation. I saw a report in newspaper that one person of Bachhan family was lamented of proclaiming that she should speak in “Hindi” as she is from UP ,First let me clarify, I don’t think that was in good taste either but just a publicity gimmick as I have seen the person speaking in honey coated English in a session drinking coffee with “KJ” but this is not about her, This is about a politician who sends his son to an “English Medium” School and forces or rather threatens first Schools and then Shopkeepers to write their shop names in Marathi. I would still respect this person If I got to see his “Sound Bites” lamenting horrendous terrorist attack in Delhi, but no there was no such feeling ,no such emotions for him who believes the terrorist are less condemnable than people who are very much a citizen of this Country but are not from Maharashtra…

Another publicity gimmick from a power hungry man who thinks Politics is a business and not duty, fuelled by media which is ready to sell an alcoholic monkey as a “Breaking news”, Is it not time to stand up for the unification of country? ,Is it not time to stand up and take note of dying farmers of Vidharba? .We have politicians who are busy using politics for their personal gain. Somewhere a Car factory is being targeted whose owner has a conscience to incur loss for safeguard of his employees.

Have you met Rajendra Pandey? Rajendra Pandey arrived in Mumbai ten years ago seeking job as a security guard in one of the many housing societies that dots south mumbai & suburbs, violence was something he was willing to live with.Mumbai is far more peaceful. Okay, you get harassed by cops occasionally or roughed up by local toughs, but life was far worse back home for Pandey and for many like him who came to this wonderful city before him.Home for them are places like Bhopal,Jaunpur,Patna,Darbhanga,Ranchi,etc.Brahmin by caste reservation in government jobs for the backward castes (Another gimmik of our power hungry politicians) have ensured that men like Rajendra don’t stand a chance despite being a graduate,Poor knowledge of spoken English has ensured that pleple like him work every month for his 12-hour shift, seven days a week.

Pandey and people like him share sleeping space with scores of kinsmen all brought to Mumbai by someone from their village who had come earlier. Extra income comes from washing cars,submitting electricity bills and doing ather such odd jobs for flats in the society that employs them. Men like Pandey form the backbone of Mumbai’s support services driving Taxi,Auto,Selling Vegitables,etc. Mumbai has something for everyone. A city of gold for migrants down the ages who flocked here to earn a living. The success stories of the ones who came before and sheer desperation back home continue to draw newer migrants.

Today was Ganpati Visarjan in Mumbai …..I saw a sea of people moving in processions, dancing ,frolicking. I saw people distributing water and sweets to strangers…They did not bother to ask if the other person was born in Mumbai (Mumbaikar)or had shifted to Mumbai (Parparantia).

I hate terrorists who have destroyed the peace of our Country ,who indiscriminately kill men,women and children and I hate the politicians who discriminate between the people of this nation.

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*Aham* said...

we are a slave nation... A nation where one opts to Be the herd and not be heard. A commoners voice is damned midst the echo of bombs. and when there are issues too grave as these, we have Raj's of the world harping on a string that resounds dissonance.

I dare him to remove all others except the genetic maharashtrians> What will mumbai be then. Just a dot in the map with a blooming past and a dooming present and glooming future.

about Jaya bachchan's bol bachchan , .. i salute the bachchan family for their precision. Last LEar and drona are up for release and bang... the Bachchan House is in news. Wao. They are making a living by fooling people. I admire them. And have no empathy with the fools like us, who take every verbatim spoken by raj or Jaya as the gospel truth. I wouldnt be surprised, if we discover that there is some nexus between bachchan and raj.Where both get popular by sabotaging each other.

In search of sanity :)