Monday, January 7, 2013

NeoNiche - A Startup Story

I am a first generation entrepreneur ,and my company is called “NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd”, I have been a regular reader to posts and would say that the blogs has been a source of inspiration to me as to numerous others.

NeoNiche was started with the single dream of bridging the gap between the marketers and the understanding of his/her hired agency ...more specific the Event Agency ....We started with the single aim to reinforce relationship between company & customers, brand & buyers, product & prospects, by creating experiences, delivered real time across multiple platforms of Social, Digital and on-ground Event experiences. While I embarked on this journey with my team we realized this was only possible if we truly cared about people who mattered to us ,Our team, Their families, our customers, society that we live in and the law of the land. That’s how we formed our mission statement where we said-
"We aspire to be the most 'Respected' , 'Caring' and 'Innovative' Experiential Marketing Company in the world, because it is our firm belief that if we pursue respect, care & innovation we will not short-change our Clients, care for our Colleagues, their families and society in general, treat our partners with respect and understanding, will never violate the law of the land in whichever Country we operate. It is our conviction that such pursuit will create an environment of trust ,harmony and excellence, pillars which will lead to constant Innovations for our Clients ."
NeoNiche journey started with a dream ,we had no money, no backing coming from middle class family in Ranchi with only salaried personnel and certainly no major contacts .
However, the journey of past year taught me few things as entrepreneur which I want to share with my fellow entrepreneurs and anyone thinking of bootstrapping.
  1. It’s not WHO you know but WHAT you know and WHERE and HOW you can make a difference – The first Client who empaneled us as vendor are yet to do business with us while there are few Angel Clients who trusted us and brought us more clients by WOM.
  2. Think BIG, Set hairy, audacious, BIG goals but be humble
  3. A motivated team is better than 10 so called experienced experts – Motivate your team to go beyond what they are capable of. and give them the credit when they deliver
  4. Be visible and be different –A paradox but both are also true vice versa …..our recognition at CMO Asia Awards and free media coverage helped us
  5. Follow the law of the land and pay your taxes on time – Helps to maintain the transparency 
  6. Do not hire a family member at least not when you are starting off
  7. Give Value for Money service and be shameful in asking Clients for referrals
  8. Believe in yourself its only then that the world will start believing you
  9. Be Frugal- Its not about the flashy car but about that extra penny saved to get more resources
  10. Follow the rules that exist for everyone in the team and enjoy your free time.

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